Scope of activities

We are a leading manufacturer of innovative integrated process lines and equipment in the sheet steel and strip steel industry sector.

We offer a very wide and diverse range of products, constantly extended by new ones. Currently, our range of products includes:

  • process lines and equipment for cold profiling of steel sheets and strips
  • universal lines for shaping bent and perforated components,
  • process lines and equipment for longitudinal cutting of steel sheets and strips,
  • process lines and devices for transverse cutting of steel sheets and strips,
  • feeding lines for presses, also lines integrated with the press,
  • mobile lines for the production of large-size tanks and vessels,
  • tanks and vessel production lines,
  • coil packing lines,
  • ironwork installations,
  • special process items dedicated to a wide range of applications,
  • modernisation, service and maintenance of process lines.

With our know-how, facilities and highly qualified and experienced engineering staff, we can design and manufacture almost any stay-of-the-art equipment, tailored to your individual needs and requirements. We rise to every challenge!

Our experts successfully create advanced technical solutions based on:

  • technological algorithms,
  • strength and performance analysis,
  • construction and assembly design,
  • electrical documentation and control software,
  • design of hydraulic and pneumatic installations,
  • comprehensive line security systems.