Process lines for cold profiling of steel sheets and strips

We offer a wide range of profiling lines for the production of a diverse range of cold-formed profiles with open or closed sections. We simulate the profiling process based on advanced computer-supported methods, supported by 20 years of experience.

Our profiling expertise is based on our experience with many projects that have resulted in lines producing a diverse range of profiles for many industries.

Our know-how enables us to supply complete lines, ready for production:

  • light open sections in various shapes, lengths and materials, such as for storage systems, window and gate frames and frame structures
  • profiles for gutter systems, including gutter profiles and downpipes that are interlocked and longitudinally welded
  • a comprehensive range of frame profiles and corners for plasterboard drywall systems
  • hollow sections of varying transverse profiles with weld seams produced by high-frequency welding and plasma arc welding, based on direct current or alternating current technology
  • heavy-duty open sections for highway barriers, load-bearing and frame structures, and C-Z-U-S systems
  • surface trapezoidal and corrugated profiles for many applications, including metal roofing sheets and external cladding for grain silos

We offer lines equipped with profiling machines in various designs:

  • profiling machines with a fixed installation of the profiling rollers, dedicated to the production of one type of profile
  • profiling machines with interchangeable profile shaping modules and fixed installation of rollers for alternate production of different profile types
  • advanced adjustable profile shaping machines in which the produced profile can be changed by altering the configuration and settings of the profile shaping machine, designed for the production of several types of profiles
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