Processing lines for longitudinal cutting

We offer complete longitudinal cutting lines. The individually configured equipment makes it possible to cut a batch coil into strips of any width, within the range provided by the slitting programme. Our lines are equipped with sets of cutting tools from well known suppliers. The design of the equipment ensures process stability and the highest quality of the cut edge.

Our slitting lines can also be equipped with:

  • single- or double-sided surface foiling modules
  • two- or four-arm knife changing units
  • four-arm coil take-up units
  • pick-up tables with a push button clamping system

Production parameters of our lines:

  • batch tape thickness: 0.5 – 6.0 mm
  • batch coil weight: 2000 – 24 000 kg
  • width of batch coil: 500 – 2000 mm
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