Profiling machines

We offer various designs of profiling machines, resulting from the range of profiles produced and individual customer requirements.

Each profile shaping machine is equipped as standard with a set of profile correcting heads and a metric adjustment system for ease of operation. The profile rollers, the outlines of which are developed using the latest computer-assisted design systems, are made from high-quality tool steel and are heat-treated to preserve their durability.

We supply profile shaping machines for both open and closed profiles:

  • Profiling machines with a fixed installation of profiling rollers dedicated to the production of one type of profile
  • Profiling machines with interchangeable profile shaping modules and fixed installation of rollers for the alternate production of different types of profile
  • Advanced adjustable profile shaping machines, in which the produced profile can be altered by changing the configuration and settings of the profile shaping machine, which are designed for the production of several types of profile.
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