Mobile line for the production of external large tanks

The experience and know-how gained from working closely with companies in the field of lines designed for cutting and forming stainless steel has allowed us at INSTEEL to extend our range of products by adding a mobile line for the production of large external tanks.

Once the line has been delivered and set up on site, it enables the complex production of subsequent tank cargos and the construction of the tank itself in an automated manner.

The line enables the following processes to be carried out:

  • unwinding of sheet metal from a coil in a vertical position, for thicknesses of 3 – 8 mm
  • possibility of producing cargos from sheet metal with a thickness of 8 – 12 mm
  • preliminary straightening and forming into an arc of the given radius of the manufactured tank
  • cutting and welding of vertical junctions of the cargo
  • circumferential welding of the joined lips
  • regrinding, grinding and cleaning of welds
  • lifting the tank structure above the formed lip without the need for a crane

The application of this solution allows the significant reduction in the costs and time involved in tank construction and installation.

We also offer autonomous peripheral equipment dedicated to the tank manufacturing industry.

Parameters of the feed material and the manufactured tank:

  • Batch tape thickness: 3.0 – 1200 mm
  • Batch coil weight: up to 24 000 kg
  • Width of batch coil: 1000 – 2000 mm
  • Tank diameter: 5 000 mm – unlimited
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