About us


We are a manufacturer of machines, equipment and process lines for processing steel sheets and strips. We offer and provide you with solutions enabling you to achieve your goals and business success.

We are a company that values dynamic development, progress at all levels and high organisational culture.

We value our dynamic development, progress at all levels and high organisational culture. We have extensive experience in designing and manufacturing non-standard technical products and equipment. Optimisation of production processes is our strongest point, because, as history shows, we serve a very wide range of businesses in many industries. We always dive deep into the specific nature of the processes we have to face in order to optimise, improve and increase their efficiency.

At INSTEEL, we are always focused on comprehensive customer service. It is your ideas that are most often the starting point for us to face fresh challenges and implement large projects.

We have a qualified and experienced team of designers, process engineers, programmers and automation engineers who are able to cope with the most complex and ambitious projects. It is thanks to them that we are able to offer you the design, manufacture and implementation of reliable machines, equipment and process lines equipped with the latest automation and control systems. The lines designed and manufactured by INSTEEL have a high degree of automation and a high level of complexity and integration of the processes they support.

Our main area of operation, development and improvement is the steel sheet and strip processing industry. We have over twenty years of experience in this industry sector and full know-how derived from Inmet, which has been improved by the efforts of a group of companies also operating in other industries and industrial sectors. It is the tradition and many years of experience of Inmet that has been supported by new energy and completely different business opportunities within a very wide operating group of companies, which is the new driving force behind INSTEEL.

In addition to the broadly understood steel sheet and strip processing industry, we have recently devoted a lot of time to optimising production processes in several other industries. One of these industries is a narrow industry sector manufacturing stainless steel and acid-resistant steel tanks and vessels. It was the expectations of our clients from this industry that initiated the development, design and production of two completely new and fully configurable products. These are:

– a line for stationary production of tanks inside the production building with two or three workstations,

– a mobile line for the production of large-size tanks in the form of a container.

 This is a completely different pillar of INSTEEL’s production activity, but based entirely on processes and technologies we are good at.

In addition to the above products, we also build lines, machines and equipment for other companies from very different industries, becoming an extremely universal organisation in terms of the scope of offered services.

At INSTEEL, we believe that there are no ideas or projects that are impossible to implement. We have become synonymous with the company for carrying out difficult, complex and very ambitious projects. And that’s who we are – AMBITIOUS PEOPLE.