Lines for the production of grain silo components

We have years of experience in designing and building specialised, fully-automated lines for cutting, profiling, perforating, and shaping bent and perforated parts, etc. We have created a broad range of lines dedicated to a diverse portfolio of clients representing various industries. We can supply lines designed for silo manufacturers.

We offer complete and fully automated lines for:

  • profiling (including perforation) of vertical column reinforcements
  • profiling (including perforation) of silo sides
  • profiling and bending of hopper reinforcements
  • profiling and bending of silo sides

All lines are designed and built according to your individual requirements.

Of course, we are able to design and manufacture complete lines, as well as individual equipment or line assemblies.

We offer:

  • bending machines for hopper reinforcements
  • bending machines for silo sides
  • profile bending machines
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