Coil packing lines

The coil packing line is an extension of the slitting line, increasing production efficiency by automating the removal of coils from the line.

The standard coil packing line consists of:

  • Mobile tilting platform – for picking up the coils from the storage arm and transferring them to the roller conveyor while changing the transport plane
  • Coil centring table – acting as a radial position for the clamping of coils. Rotating rollers facilitate and speed up the binding process itself, which can be carried out manually or automatically, depending on the line configuration
  • End-of-line conveyor – responsible for positioning the coils before placing them on the pallet
  • Stacker. Enables the coils to be transferred and stacked according to a preset sales programme into dispatch stacks on pallets. The unit is equipped with a set of electromagnets whose power is adapted to the weight of the coils.

The whole unit is connected to the necessary power supply installations, the control programme and the safety system.

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