What makes us stand out

At INSTEEL Sp. z o.o. we combine more than 20 years of experience in the thriving sheet and strip processing market, through the high qualifications of our outstanding specialists and the use of state-of-the-art technologies. We are a modern and continuously developing company, with many highly qualified staff who continue to increase their experience as well as deepening their knowledge and qualifications. In our production processes, we use increasingly advanced and sophisticated technical solutions. Thanks to our extensive experience and the use of innovative solutions, we work to improve our products, meeting the expectations of even the most demanding customers. Our main priority is to satisfy your needs through the actions of our company.


  • Partner relations and client contacts

By recognising needs and implementing projects, we become an integral part of the development process and an important link in the further functioning of your organisation. We seek to stay in contact with you, before and after the completion of a given project, as this results in loyalty, openness and the strengthening of our further business relationships We always look after you! We provide you with support at every stage of the project. You know that you can always count on us!

  • Modern and innovative solutions

We focus on continuous development and the use of new technologies, including the optimisation of your production processes. As a result of our research and development activities, we repeatedly test and optimise our solutions before we supply them. The products we offer are manufactured with a focus on maximised efficiency and minimised production costs.

  • Trust

Our priority is to continuously deepen the level of trust, treating everyone as if they were members of our family. Having you trust our work, products and services is the ultimate goal for us. Thanks to the strategy we have introduced, INSTEEL has become a recognizable and valued brand, trusted by anyone who uses its services.