Stationary line for the production of tanks inside production buildings in three-station configurations

We typically offer our tank production lines as two or three-station designs that meet the needs of demanding customers from the tank industry.

The Three-station line consists of:

Stand I – cargo production

  • unwinding sheet metal from a coil in a vertical position,
  • initial straightening and forming of the lip of the desired diameter of the produced
  • automated vertical cutting using a plasma cutter,
  • automated vertical welding using a vertical welding
  • optional grinding/cleaning of vertical welds.

Stand II – vertical production of the tank

  • regrinding of tack welds prior to the welding process,
  • automated circumferential welding of the combined lips of the fabricated
    tank and the pressing of the completed welds,

Stand III – grinding and cleaning of all the welds grinding the inner surface of the circumferential welds on the root side and cleaning the outer surface of the welds on the face side

Parameters of the feed materials and of the manufactured tanks

  • thickness of batch sheet: 2.0 – 6.0 mm
  • batch coil weight: 7000 – 24 000 kg
  • width of batch coil: 1000 – 2000 mm
  • tank diameter: 2000 – 4500 mm

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