Our mission

In each new chapter of INSTEEL’s history, key roles are played by the following: mission, goals and trust, as well as the values attached to all the tasks performed: the highest quality, innovation, optimisation and continuous development. We are a representative of the industrial sector, with all our production processes performed in Poland. Our domestic technical expertise and Polish workmanship are significantly supported by components of the highest world quality! We continue to seek the best possible solutions, focusing on continuous improvement and full optimisation of our production processes. The main goal behind these actions is being able to offer products of the highest world quality – efficiently and reliably. As a company, we change along with the world around us, and all the actions we take are aimed at increasing your satisfaction. Bearing in mind the requirements imposed on us by the modern market, we have to take actions that shape our position in the future world. This statement also makes us realise that it is necessary to understand and at the same time properly analyse the ongoing changes, both from the technical and market point of view. We cannot afford to ignore the changing environmental trends that shape the future of our world. We do our best to respond to changing global trends. Our actions have the aim of providing you with a product that meets your expectations, is safe for the working environment, has a high, world-class quality of workmanship, a small footprint and high efficiency in ensuring low energy consumption. Such highly conscious and long-term thinking allows us to keep up with the changing world, as well as bravely following the path of progress and ongoing changes. Progress allows us to offer products at the highest world level and at the same time manufactured in our own country.

The model of designing and manufacturing products in one place guarantees the highest quality standards and full control over the manufacturing processes. Using the components supplied by renowned global manufacturers ensures the highest quality standards, as well as long-term trouble-free operation and a safe environment for the future users of our products.

As part of what we offer, we supply you with a full warranty as well as post-warranty services. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week! Everything we do, we do with you in mind!