Feed lines for and integrated with presses

The experience gained in working closely with sheet metal contractors allows INSTEEL to produce complete automatic infeed lines for unwound coil strip, for use in integration with a range of equipment, including presses, shears, bending presses, punching machines, profiling machines etc.

Traditional unwinding and straightening lines ensure accurate alignment and easy strip guidance. After the loop, the tape is fed by an electric servo-driven roller feeder mounted on the press. This type of system is preferred when installation space is not an issue and when higher production speeds are required.

Compact feeder lines, thanks to their versatile design, provide high performance with a short overall length. The straightener and decoiler are mounted on a common base for accurate feeding to the presses and other equipment.

We have the expertise necessary to build and integrate into our line the mechanical and hydraulic presses from the various suppliers we work with. The configuration of the type of press and supplier is based on an analysis of the needs of the technological process occurring in the project. The use of a press in the line allows for increased productivity and expansion of the available production range.

We provide full integration of the press control system with the line control system as well as a set of tools necessary for installation in the press as part of the implemented process.

The complexity of our solutions guarantees full functionality and integrity of the entire production line.

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