We bring the worlds of science and business together

We are proud and satisfied to announce that INSTEEL Sp. z o.o. is starting a multi-level partnership with the Silesian University of Technology based on the signed framework partnership agreement. We are strengthening and developing partnerships with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering – Technology and the Faculty of Materials Engineering of this renowned Silesian institution of higher education. 

You are probably wondering what this means and involves? Let us explain! 

The partnership between Insteel and the Silesian University of Technology is focused primarily on the area of expertise, research, analysis and opinions in the field of process optimisation and even greater automation of our applications in the construction of integrated process lines and equipment dedicated to the sheet metal and steel strip processing sector. 

That’s not all! As part of its teaching and research activities, the University will expand our employees’ knowledge of the latest scientific developments through the organisation of training courses and provide engineering staff to support Insteel’s resources. In turn, our company, as part of the agreement, will be responsible for organising student work placements and internships, and will aim to recruit and employ engineering staff from among the University’s graduates. 

The business objective of the partnership is to raise funds to enable effective and collaborative research and development! It is research and development and the constant search for better and more optimal solutions that has been and continues to be the driving force behind Insteel. The Silesian University of Technology is a partner with whom we can achieve even bolder and more ambitious goals. 

We are full of energy and proud of our partnership and wish both ourselves and the Silesian University of Technology a fruitful collaboration!